Make Money Selling DSL

Hundreds of businesses sign up every day for DSL - an exciting technology providing Internet connections that are inexpensive, very fast, and always on. As the demand for DSL accelerates there will be thousands of new DSL signups every day! Somewhere, someone is making a commission on virtually every one of those sales. Whether you know a lot about DSL or not, whether you are good at sales or not, you can profit from "the broadband boom" and the enormous demand for DSL.

Intercom Online's Independent Agent Program currently offers what may be the easiest, fastest and most lucrative way to cash in on the DSL goldrush. More than any of its competitors, Intercom Online provides its agents with generous commissions and comprehensive training and support. Agents also benefit from Intercom's proprietary extranet - sophisticated software that makes the agent's sales job much easier by automatically checking for DSL availability, generating quotes, and tracking orders.

We are especially interested in forming strategic partnerships with firms that do network installation, wiring, or consulting and who have clients that rely on them to recommend IT solutions. Please fill out our agent application form today.