Intercom Online was founded in 1993 as Brooklyn's first Internet Service Provider, offering regional dial-up access from its founder's living room. In early '96, Intercom Online moved its headquarters to the New York Information Technology Center in the heart of Wall Street's Silicon Alley and simultaneously changed its focus to serving corporate clients. Without venture capital, Intercom has developed a profitable operation while keeping apace with cutting-edge technologies, and is today one of the leading privately held DSL-providers, offering nationwide Internet access up to T-3 speeds, server colocation, reseller programs and consulting services. Intercom has established itself as a leading player in the DSL market by inter connecting to the nation's leading DSL carriers (Covad and Northpoint), developing and marketing a lucrative agent program, and offering its services over a business-class, facilities-based network run by one of the nation's most experienced Internet providers.

Intercom's present portfolio of services for small to medium-sized companies includes nationwide Internet access via dial-up, ISDN, and DSL, as well as wide area network solutions that enable secure and reliable communications amongst satellite offices, remote teleworkers, business partners and clients. Intercom also offers hosting solutions specializing in dedicated server colocation in its New York datacenter. For its dedicated connections, Intercom offers service level guarantees that cover latency, throughput and network availability. Intercom operates a low latency, high-throughput, scaleable network, based on reliable technologies such as ATM and hardware vendors such as Cisco Systems. At its New York datacenter Intercom peers with and exchanges traffic with various national and international Internet and telecommunications companies. Peering improves the reliability and latency of its Internet connectivity, and high quality Internet connectivity is the hallmark of a good business-class ISP.