myDSL is available at the following speeds:
SDSL - 128k, 144k, 192k, 256k, 384k, 512k, 768k, 1024k, 1100k, 1536k, 2048k, 2300k
(upstream speed = downstream speed)

myDSL can be used with static IP addresses or with NAT'd IPs which protects your network like a firewall. myDSL service includes domain name registration and web hosting, so if you want to choose a domain name for your site you've come to the right place. myDSL also offers various value added services such as packet filtering firewall solutions.

myDSL is a service of Intercom Online, a full service Internet provider since 1993. Should your needs go beyond DSL, Intercom can provide you with T1 or T3 Internet access, colocation services, wholesale nationwide dialup (Virtual ISP program) and consulting services.